The Association of Travel Management Companies

ATMC Objectives


•To promote business travel interests


•To develop and maintain by continuing review, a general accepted standard of conduct in the supply of services by Members to the business community and general public


•To maintain a forum for the exchange of ideas for Members


•To represent and facilitate an exchange of dialogue between Members, their principals and allied organisations


•To increase the opportunities for Members to further their business interests whilst maintaining full healthy commercial competition


•To identify the issues that affect business travel and establish a strategy to address those issues


•To be recognised as the peak representative organisation of business travel agents in Australia


•To act as lobby group for business travel agents





ATMC is a non profit and non-commercial organisation fully endorsed by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) with a primary aim to represent the majority of business travel agents throughout Australia.

The Association of Travel Management Companies Incorporated     ABN 68 991 640 417